Game Log: Phase 4- Log 2

Expo time = crunch time. It’s time to make sure all of my game logs are in order, finish the directions and make my paper prototype as polished as it can be. I’ve playtested, polished, revised, replayed, reworded, and generally made my game as fun and efficient as possible. All I can do now is hope that it is ready to go when it’s time to present it to a real audience at the expo on Thursday.

Speaking of the expo makes me realize how much I have learned throughout this semester. It’s been stressful, for sure, no doubts there. It seemed that at times, I would have no work to do at all, and the next day an entire pile of work would be sitting on my desk staring me in the face.

Nonetheless, working on this game has taught me how important details are. The details of the game were cloudy in my head for a long time as I tried to work on developing it, then as I began to fix each one in place, they started to fall into place. Each step was a little more complicated than the last, but at last, the game is done and I have a workable prototype ready to be presented.

I am certainly not sure how the expo will go, and I can only hope that people like the game that I made. However, I am so glad to have had this opportunity to learn about the game-making process, and I look forward to using the feedback from the expo to make my game “The Story of Esther” as ideal as it can be.

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