Game Log: Phase 4- Log 1

It’s time to share now, and everything is coming together. It’s a bit scary, honestly, because I keep wondering if there is a glitch that I missed, or an error that simply hasn’t come up yet. I’ve never really made a game before, so this is a new experience for me. I can’t say that it is something that I would pursue again, but it was definitely an interesting experience and one that I am glad to have had.

As I prepare for the expo, I’m working on fine-tuning my game. I added the changes and improvements that playtesting showed me that I needed, such as the color key for the game spaces and the longer board for a better play. I am hoping to play it one more time before the final expo, but if I don’t have time I am still fairly hopeful that the game will go well.

My final few tasks are lining up in preparation for the expo. I still need to get the last few logs in order, and type up all of the information for the board and the table. I’ve gotten a great deal done for the expo in the last few days, though, so the workload hopefully won’t be too rough.

    The game is my main concern, even as I work on the expo information. I plan to go back over the instructions and the board one more time to be sure it is as polished as possible. Even if it is still in the prototype stage, I want it to look as refined as if it were ready to be published. I am both excited and nervous to present my game, and I can’t wait to see how it goes!

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