Game Log: Phase 3- Log 2

  • Describe the user-interface:
    • There is very little menus or screens needed for the game. The directions page is really the only menu-type piece of the game, seeing as it is a board game and not a digital game with pull-up menus and such.
  • How will you account for chance, real-time feedback, and other features:
    • Chance, in my playtesting, actually helped me to see that I needed more challenge spaces. One player made it all the way through the third phase without hitting a single challenge space, while another hit one that she couldn’t possibly have succeeded against, showing me that I needed to rework the point card system. Real-time feedback wasn’t really a problem in playtesting.
  • Observations and questions:
    • The main observations was whether or not the players had difficulty playing (not really) and whether they had fun (they seemed to). My main questions were whether they, again, had fun, as that was an important part of my game design problems, and the clarity of the rules, which needed to be reworked a bit after each playtest. Each time, we hit snares that I didn’t realize were there, which was helpful to make it as smooth and fun as possible.

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