Game Log: Phase 1- Log 2

My sources:

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What is fun/playful about the topic?

  • I’m looking into exploring the idea of overcoming obstacles, the way that Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Ruth, and Esther did. I’m considering the idea of obstacles such as “Back to Start” and such, to add an element of fun to the story. The stories will be made into a game in which the player has to overcome obstacles themselves, putting themselves into the shoes of the characters.

Where does ‘freedom to experiment’ emerge within and around your topic?

  • In overcoming obstacles, there are multiple ways to get around them. The players will be free to try different means of reaching the end to find which way works best for them.

Where does the ‘freedom to fail’ emerge within and around the topic?

  • In the potential to fall prey to the obstacles, players will have that freedom to fail. They will not be successful every time, or the game won’t be fun. They will have the opportunity to fail, in different ways with each obstacle.

What ‘freedoms of identity’ does your topic inspire?

  • In offering different paths for each story, the game allows players a freedom of identity. They can choose to play as Daniel, or as Ruth, etc. For each path, there would be a slightly different sequence of obstacles, etc.

What ‘freedoms of effort’ emerge around the topic?

  • Players can choose different modes of play. They can choose to help each other to reach the end, to share points and cards along the way, or they can choose to go the solo route and play ‘every man for himself’. This will change how hard it is to play.

What vocabulary, definitions, and facts are critical to understanding the topic?

  • There would need to be some sort of background knowledge on the Bible and the stories involved in the game. Perhaps the basic story could be included in the directions as a side note, or it could be advised that players read the stories themselves. There is little vocabulary needed or definitions, but the stories are fairly important.

What processes and procedures are important to grasping your topic?

  • I suppose it would be important for players to understand the process of overcoming obstacles in the Bible. The players will learn through the game as they face obstacles, overcome setbacks, and eventually reach the end.

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