Game Log: Phase 1- Log 1

  • What do I want to learn more about?
    • I would like to learn more about mythology and theology. I think it would be really interesting to adapt mythology and theology into a cultural-understanding game, in order to increase the reader’s understanding of historical and current cultures.
  • What do I want to help others understand?
    • I would love to help others understand my religion.. I have always found it interesting to learn about other peoples’ cultures and the myths of Greece and Rome, and I would love to make a game that allows people to learn more about the religion that I have grown up in.
  • My strategy to learn more about the topic:
    • I think I’m going to talk to my Hebrew Bible professor to see what sort of games she might think would be good. Update: She responded along the same lines as my thoughts. She suggested a game about the story of Esther, Ruth, or David as an option.

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